Most wellness services (except alcohol and other drug support) are available at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, in the Wellness Services Suite on the first floor.


309 S. Madison Street
Iowa City, IA 52242

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There is a parking lot available one block southeast of the CRWC located on Court Street. There is also some metered spots available as well on Court Street as well as a few on S Madison Street. You can pay by cash (coins at meters) or card (Visa/Mastercard/Passport Parking app).

Bus routes

The nearest bus stop to the CRWC is at the Main Library.

Cambus routes include: ABW/Studio Arts, Hawkeye Interdorm, Interdorm, Music/Theater Shuttle, Red, Studio Arts Shuttle, and West Dorm Shuttle

Iowa City routes include: Broadway, Broadway Night & Weekend, Cross Park, Oakcrest, Oakcrest Night & Weekend, and Westport.

Need help finding the correct bus route? The Transit App can help you figure out which bus to take and when it will arrive.  For more information, visit the Transit user guide at the following link: