The main Student Wellness location is on the west side of campus in the Westlawn Building on Newton Road. The building is accessible to persons with disabilities, and the entrance of the clinic has an automatic door opener.


4189 Westlawn South
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242

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Parking is in the West Entrance of the Newton Road Parking Ramp. You may pay by cash, check or credit card (Visa/MasterCard). If you are parked in the ramp less than 15 minutes, there is no charge.

When you are traveling on Newton Road from the east side of campus, you will see Westlawn on your right, followed by the parking ramp. Drive just past the ramp and the bus stop, and then turn into the ramp drive to your right, as seen in the photo below.Newton Road Ramp Picture

Bus routes

Buses that stop directly in front of the entrance to the clinic include those on the Red, Blue, and Pentacrest routes of the University of Iowa Cambus system; the Plaen View, Westwinds, and Manville Heights routes of the Iowa City Transit System; and all routes of the Coralville Transit System.

The Transit App can help you figure out which bus to take and when it will arrive.  For more information, visit the Transit user guide at the following link:

Need help finding the correct bus route? Google Route Planner can also help you determine the best transit plan. Just enter your location and you will see what routes will get you to Westlawn. Once you determine the best route, you can check Bongo to see the bus schedule to know when they will arrive at the bus stop.