We offer services to support a healthy lifestyle

We aim to support student wellness and learning through educational and health promotion services that help students create healthy lifestyles.

We offer individually tailored, one-on-one consultations in the areas of:

We offer in-person consultations at Westlawn or the CRWC, and virtual consultations via Zoom. If you require a private space to conduct an appointment virtually, you can reserve space on campus

You can schedule online by clicking each topic for a direct scheduling link, or by calling 319-335-8394.

Things to keep in mind when scheduling appointments

  • Arrive early. 
  • Whether you call or schedule online, be as clear and specific as you can on what you are scheduling for. Have your student ID number ready.
  • Please do not schedule an appointment within an hour of another class or engagement. Most appointments are scheduled for one hour in length.
  • There is a charge for missed mandated alcohol and drug appointments.