Student Wellness Internships

Student Wellness provides a variety of internship and practicum opportunities for students interested in obtaining experience in the college health environment. Opportunities are available for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Practicum students and interns are required to register the experience for academic credit (usually through their academic department or the Career Center).

Our services involve many health topics including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, substance use, and sexual health. Student experiences typically include assisting with health outreach events (fitness assessments, health fairs, presentations), making health materials (posters, handouts, etc.), and collecting data. Often, students will observe our professional staff in one-on-one appointments with students as well (nutrition, fitness, alcohol/drugs). Usually students have a project that they focus on, although we like giving them additional experiences as well.

To apply

If interested, send your cover letter and resume to


Contact Trisha Welter at or 319-335-8094 for more information.