Student Wellness provides consultations on alcohol and other drug use. Confidential consultations are available with our substance abuse counselor or health educators for any questions you may have or issues you may be experiencing.

Student Wellness does not offer treatment for substance use dependence, but can refer to an agency in the community if treatment is needed.


General consultations and self-referrals are free for UI students. There is a charge for mandated consultations.

There is a charge for programs or evaluations that are mandated and/or require documentation of completion.


Consultations are available virtually (via Zoom) or at Westlawn. 

If you require a private space to conduct an appointment virtually, you can reserve space on campus.

Because we are in a healthcare environment, for in-person appointments, you must...

  • wear a face mask (in line with UI guidance for healthcare)
  • not be ill with a temperature of 100 degrees or over, cough, shortness of breath or feel sick in any way
  • not have had a recent known COVID-19 exposure

To protect your health, our staff will also wear a face mask.

How to schedule an appointment

For self-referral appointments, click here or call 319-335-8394. For mandated appointments through University Housing or the Office of Student Accountability, please refer to your sanction letter or call 319-335-8394. Note: We do NOT have appointments for DUI or OWI cases.

Additional resources

  • UI Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) includes an environment that is supportive to the therapeutic and educational needs of Iowa students who are in any stage of recovery from addiction, from considering changes to abstinence. The CRP provides support through community building, social support, and substance-free activities. The CRP includes two ways for students to get involved:
    • Success, Not Excess provides a small, safe and supportive space for UI students wanting to make or considering changes in their alcohol or other drug use. 
    • Strength in Numbers is a student organization dedicated to creating an inclusive community that promotes social activities and events that do not involve drugs or alcohol. The mission of Strength in Numbers is to offer alternatives for students to connect with their peers. Email to learn more.
  • UI Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan includes information on alcohol initiatives on campus and outcomes

Information for parents

Read this alcohol & drug Q&A document for more information.