Student Wellness offers free...

  • external condoms (also known as male condoms; including snug fit, XL and latex free)
  • internal condoms (also known as female condoms)
  • dental dams
  • lubricant


Safe sex supplies can be picked up from the CRWC Wellness Services Suite. Operating hours at the Wellness Suite are limited due to COVID-19. Times during the spring semester are:

  • Tuesdays 10am-3pm (exception: closed July 6, Aug 3, Aug 17)
  • Wednesdays 10am-3pm (exception: closed May 12, July 7, Aug 4, Aug 18)
  • Thursdays 10am-3pm (exception: closed July 8, Aug 5, Aug 19)
  • Fridays 10am-2pm (exception: closed May 28, July 9, Aug 6, Aug 13, Aug 20)

If you live on campus, we can also campus mail you supplies. Please email Trish Welter with your request.