Campus Wellness Leaders are students who influence their peers in promoting positive health behaviors. They are role models of wellness and offer health knowledge and advice to others. Campus Wellness Leaders have opportunity to make a positive impact by improving the health of friends, peers, and the greater campus community.

As a group, members meet to learn more about a range of wellness topics and how to apply this knowledge in everyday conversations with friends to make healthy choices. It is an inclusive organization that recognizes anyone can be a Campus Wellness Leader. We want students involved in all areas of campus life to help spread positive wellness messaging.

Benefits of becoming a Campus Wellness Leader:

  • Leadership skills and training
  • Better understanding of peer influence
  • Skills to use peer influence in positive ways
  • Health knowledge about interesting things
  • The ability to positively impact entire communities, both at UI and beyond
  • A great resume builder

Comments from previous Campus Wellness Leaders:

  • "It lets me get involved with people who value the same things I do- being active, eating well, balancing school and friends, and wanting to encourage other people to do the same. It’s also a new thing on campus, so it’s up to us to make it into what we want and keep the group growing."
  • "I have learned so much from the information I have received. I have passed it on to a lot of friends, family, and hall mates. It feels really good knowing I can help people and share knowledge with them."
  • "I am always the person that my friends turn to when they have general health questions. I like knowing a lot of random facts on different topics."

Learn about the program by contacting Keanna Knutson.

How can I nominate someone to be a Campus Wellness Leader?

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